Why is it so and can I make it better?

Johns learning group John
What I did we had to draw a design
What I learnt I learnt that drawing a design is not easy
What I am wondering how to draw a house properly from a birds eye view

Johns learning group Paul
What we did we had to solve a problem
What I learnt is was not easy to get all over the river
What I am wondering how to solve the problem

John learning group Fiona

What I did we had to make an inversions
What I found interesting I thought other peoples ones were good
What I am wondering how to make really inventions






Johns learning group Danni
What I did we did a sheet of paper on how the phones have changed
What i found interesting that there were operators
What I am wondering how phones are made

Johns learning group Robert
What I did we made spaghetti bridges it was
What I learnt that it has to be strong enough to hold weight
What am I wondering how to connect spaghetti



what is an invention ?somthing very new to the world.

what is an innovation? something that has inproved.

what i am wondering ?how do people have brains to think of good ideas.

is my idea an invention or an innovation? mine is a innovastion it is called he vacdry te hair dryer is inproved.

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