Why did they come?

World war 1and2
1.what did we do? We went to different stations to learn about ww1and2 we also leant about how they got here
2.what did I learn?Station 1I learnt that befor ww1 Germany Russia and Austria were next to each other then after ww1 they al lost a bit of there country
Station 3 I also learnt when people came to Australia they had fill out a form with there details station 2british people only had to pay 10pounds to come to Australia
3.what am I wondering?why did the British choose Australia when there are more country’s to go to?

1.what did we do? We played a game it was called the gold rush I did not find any gold
2.what did I learn?there are two gold mines the gold rush is in ballerat the gold rush started in1865
3.what am I wondering? Why do people want so much gold and money

1.what did we do? We went to different stations and we looked at pictures
2.what did we learn? I learnt that the English had too many convicts so they asked America but they said no so they found land
3.what am I wondering? Why did they have so many convicts

1.what did we do? We watched a video about aboriginal
2.what did I learn?we learnt about aboriginal art food cloths and weapons
3.what am I wondering? How did the aboriginal people survive for 30 thousand years

Asylum seeker
1.what did we learn? I learnt that Australia only takes 0.29 percent refugees a asylum seeker is someone that as been prosecuted
2.what did I do? We looked at what is a refugee and what is a asylum seeker
3.what am I wondering?why do they need permission to come to Australia

Vietnamese boat people


1.what did we do? We read a story and maid a origarmie boat
2.what did I learn? That Vietnam still has war in the north and the south pirates are real
3.what am I wondering?how did the war start why are they fighting over a disagreement

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