What I did john asked us to close our eyes and imagine that we’re in a land with a boy that went of a pirate ship and you found and a island
I wonder how I can keep focus
I enjoyed the story it helped my spirit be calm

What I did we teased our running skills by doing the beat test I got tired at 2.4my friend got tiered out at3.2
I wonder how I can keep fit till the end of term
I enjoyed running to test my skills

Brain teasing
What I did Fiona asked us to try and remember the stuff in the box I remembered every thing except for the highlights
I wonder how the brain remembers the stuff from when I was little
I enjoy learning brain teasers to help my brain

What I did we listened to a lady on the I joiner some moves were hard so I did not do them
I wonder how I can get flexible
I enjoyed droning the moves that I know

What I did we checked our pulse before and after a work out
I wonder how many times your pulse beats a month
I enjoyed the workout

Food plate
What I did I checked the labels of the different food that was on the table
I wonder what foods are high is suger
I enjoyed reading the labels on the food

Why do we need sleep
We need sleep because your body needs to fill up with energy
When you sleep your body grows bit by bit
Your brain works really hard so your your brain needs to rest

Lake of sleep
If you don’t have sleep it may cause tiredness and yawning

If you don’t have any sleep it may lead to an heart attack

If you play games and go to sleep really late you will be very thierd

You will also be very angry

I can finish my inquiry
Healthy mind body and spirit
This is our Sign mind body spirt
And you will not do good school work


This is my question


These are some facts




This is my quiz and answers
I can make quiz





I can write facts about how the community is growing


Captain James was a explorer
Captain James Cook had lots of jobs
He was very happy to go on a mission
Captain cook was a astronomer he researched about spaces
On a boat there were animals
After months on a ship they got out on a land a built a fort a watched Venus going over the sun
Captain new he as close to New Zealand
He looked around New Zealand
He saw a sight no other explorer had saw
They saw land and saw dark people on the island
There ship crashed and they could not get out she was leaking

Brain teasers




What are some problems that you will like to see solved and why?

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