Goal page

Goals that I have achieved
My maths goal I have achieved
create maps that are creative

English goal that I have achieved
Complete al my work for the week in four days

Goals that I am trying to achieved

Maths goal I am trying to achieve
To learn to eastermait the price off two different prices

English goal that I am trying to achieve
Learn how to spell big words

My personal goal
Reflect on my work

Maths learn all my timestables

English learn how to spell big words like international

My Interpersonal goal

Make the right choices about who I am working with when I am doing my work


Winter sleep out
It was to raise money for the homeless
Winter sleep out was really fun because we slept at school
We had to Expirience how the homeless sleep on the street
We hade a BBQ for dinner
For breakfast we ate cereal toast and pancakes

Book week
I dressed up as a ballerina for book week we had a parade neve won in the 5/6
We had fun all day long

100days of school
On 100 days of school
People came dressed as old people
Some people looked funny



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