Big write

I can make a narrative

The magic book

Godly locks

One day I was reading a book it was called goldy locks and three bears goldy locks hopped out of the book what are you going here said tanisha what are you going to you what am I going to do with you go go hide somewhere said tanisha where said goldy in the closet ok you can out now you can come to school with me said tanisha ok said goldy locks I have a speare uniform you can wear it said tanisha

Paragraph 2

Next day Monday ok let go let’s get ready and go to school we are here I’ll take you on a tour of my school do you like the school said tanisha yes said goldy locks I’ll get your school bag said tanisha I love that school bag said goldy locks I hope there’s no bears ha ha ha said tanisha let’s go home

Paragraph 3

yeah let’s go home let’s go up stars ok, said tanisha what do you want to do said tanisha have a shower said goldy locks ok said tanisha let’s play hid and seek said tanisha how do you play said goldy locks ok what you have to, do is hide and I will find you can I find you said goldy locks 123…ready or not here I come you can never find me said tanisha,

Paragraph 4

Found you your turn ok 123… Ready or not here I come found you hey I hide there time for bed ok said goldy locks good night … Good morning goldy locks goldy locks there’s a note I’ll read it it says sorry it’s been fun living with you but I have to go bye tanisha I’m do sad said tanisha

The end

I can write a recount
The amazing Christmas

The de soysa family over seas for Christmas ,
It’s Christmas morning for the de soysa family Santa gave us $ 200,
The de soysa family went to there auntys house for a Christmas party all the people their were friendly,
At lunch time their was a monkey who did tricks like a summer salt and he sat on a pole
The monkey was for the church the man also carlmed snake “the monkey bit my brothers leg” said tanisha
For the de soysa family put a party on they dressed as red they looked amazing the people danced amazing too, and the de soysa family also had fun my little cousin songs she is cute
The end

Swimming pool
I think we should dig up the sports field so we can put the swimming pool in the deeper the better
Why we should dig up the sport field

Most of the kids at out school are hurt by a ball people also tackle and get hurt the sport field is awful on a rainy and shot day because
On a rainy the sports field is awfully slippery

I can write a our persuasive text

Books or TV
I think books are better than TV

Book are better because they show the words so you can read in peace although TVs are loud and your head will

Books are better because they give you knolage Books also help you with your spelling

TVs are better because the show you colourful pictures

TVs are better because they talk for you

TVs are better because they show movement

I think books are better than TV

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