what i enoyed/learnt this week

starting a new maths project  getting to know my group and my roles

olsc got talant getting to know what we are going to know what act where doing

what i am proud of this week

finishing  my work on time being an effective learner choosing the right why to work

what my goal for next week is   finish more of my work



i enjoyed last week

writing my game with stephanie english tic tac toe

practicing  my learning conversatation with my self and stephanie

working with my friend because im in lc3


what i leant

how to use masuta  and the meaning and analysise the word from the thrass chart

i learnt what engineer means engineer means someone who makes and desgin things how to draw a a cube

i also learnt what adverbs an verbs are adverbs are doing word like lets walk fast

let is an adverb  fast is an verb

i learnt how to write a good procudre text

my goal is to finish all of my work an use my time wisely

week 4

what i have enjoyed this week

paint you a song in fed square

designing a pencil case

designing my inavation

what i learnt this week

about angles

how to draw a house

how to do a word explodions

my goal next week

time wisely

get my work done


Week 5 reflection
Long weekend
Because I went to the beach
Sport just for seniors because we had a long. Time at sport
Genius hour because I started an new project

Something I learnt this week
Soil is made out of plants dead and living animals
I learnt how to play


My goal for next week
Work hard on my work

What did I do I made mac antic things with Stephanie
What I learnt you need a motor to make it work
What did I enjoy I enjoyed making and programming


poppy reflection

i learnt that we have a miniute of silents at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month november

poppys are made by hand the machine makes the cut outs off the poppys the people make 50000  poppys a year and 10000 poppy reths

week 6 reflection
I enjoyed
Going through to the learning group finals
Quelling in art, sport making a game

What I learnt I learnt how scrolls in art ,long multiplication, the Poppy’s

Get my work done faster

week 7 camp reflection

what we did

low ropes it was hard

flying fox it was fun

giant swing it was scary

canoeing was wet and fun

commando was muddy

archery was hard

bush cooking we cooked dampers yummy


What I learnt
Olsc got talant and trying and having fun
Sport playing dodge ball
Doing art quilling

What I learnt
using spreed sheet to do the house things

My goal do all my must do’s

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